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Air Purifier Reviews

Picking the best air purifiers is a tough task because the needs of each allergy, asthma, and MCS sufferer are somewhat different. So, we have provided air purifier reviews for each each technology type and manufacturer and try to give you a brief overview of each.  With reviews we must be careful because the application needs to dictate the solution rather than a rating.  However we have done our best at allowing you to compare and make your own determinations. The technologies we have covered include HEPA, Ion Generators, Ozone Generators, The Ionic Breeze, and Electronic or Electrostatic Air Purifiers. We offer products from Austin Air, Second Wind, Allerair, Technology, UltraPure, Air Free and NeoAir. Please call us to address your actual requirements

HEPA Air Purifiers:

HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arresting) filters were originally developed for the atomic energy commission and are used in commercial clean rooms to remove particles. This is a paper or polymer sheet with very tiny passage that allow airflow to pass though the material but not much else. Since the passages though the fibers of the media are so small you need a lot of surface area for a reasonable amount of airflow to pass though the media.  Therefore the media is always folded in an accordion or zigzag fashion to get a lot of surface area in a small volume. There is also a hybrid version of the technology that Blueair uses where the passages in the HEPA are slightly larger to promote airflow but the air is charged with electrostatic wands.
Our Review: HEPA Filters work well in the home for trapping particulates.  The only downside is that the filters must be changed every 6-months to 5-years depending on the manufacturer.  The review of any HEPA unit depends on the efficiency (how much air by-passes the filter), fan noise, filter life and price. In general this is a solid technology that works well.

UV air purifiers:
Ultraviolet light in the right intensity destroys the DNA of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.
Air Purifier Reviews: We recommend devices like the Allerair air purifiers that combine UV with HEPA and activated carbon. or Whole House units like the Second Wind and Technology

Ion Generator Air Purifiers:
These are small air purifier devices that put out a stream of negatively charged Ions.  These ions charge particulate pollution and when the particle bumps up against something it sticks due to the electronic charge.  These devices are used on US submarines and are claimed to make you feel better and the sun shine more brightly. They are also used in the as air purifiers in the poultry industry to keep the feather dust down.
Air Purifier Reviews: We used these air purifiers years ago in bird cages.  They do work as claimed (except the "sun shining more brightly" part) but have two problems.  First, the particulates end up on your walls so your walls turn black near the device.  Secondly, since they typically do not have a fan they only work in a localized area.  In commercial applications of this product a lot of them are installed to be effective.  Note that these devices do nothing for chemical problems and some put off dangerous Ozone. Needless to say when we compare these air purifiers with the other technologies we would not recommend this one.

Ozone Generators as Air Purifiers:
Ozone is an unstable molecule of three Oxygen atoms (O3). Since Oxygen "likes" to be in two atom molecules (O2) it readily gives up the lone molecule and oxidizes whatever it bumps into.  So, any particulates or chemicals that the ozone contacts are oxidized.  This changes them chemically and is very effective in commercial applications like cleaning flooded home or those with major sewage back-ups. 
Air Purifier Reviews: Ozone is dangerous if inhaled, NIOSH and OSHA have strict limits on how much Ozone can be in a work place (it is a by-product of welding and other industrial processes). Luckily the FCC has tried to put the clamps on the crooked MLM firms that market these devices as home air purifiers.

Ionic Breeze:
These devices from the Sharper Image use a set of charged plates to grab the particulates and stick them to the plates.
Air Purifier Reviews: The money that the Sharper Image puts into advertising these air purifiers is amazing.  We wrote an entire review on the topic which is in our Technology tab.  In general these air purifiers are not effective because they have no effective way to get the air through the device in enough volume to make a difference. The Ionic Breeze can wiggle ribbons but it can not move large volumes of air though the cleaning plates without a fan.  These units do not work!

Electronic or Electrostatic Air Purifiers:
This technology has been used in whole house filters for years and is also called electrostatic technology.  These air purifiers works much like the Ionic Breeze with plates but, there is a fan that pulls airflow over the plates.
Air Purifier Reviews:
These air purifiers have been good price-performance systems for several years in most air purifier ratings for removing particulates.  So, this is a good choice for allergy sufferers but those with asthma and MCS or odor issues should pick a HEPA unit with more chemical adsorbing media.

The following air purifier reviews are intended as guidelines only. Your budget, and application are also key when you compare air purifiers.  Please call us to find the best air purifier to match your specific requirements!

Answer the following questions:
  • Does the chosen manufacturer have independent tests to prove its claims?
  • How does the machine purify the air?
  • Does the chosen air purifier generate ozone? Is it safe?
  • How much will it cost to run? How much will it cost to replace filters and parts?
  • Is it noisy?
  • Is the technology clean and environmentally friendly?
  • How big and heavy is it?
  • Will it interfere in my house décor?
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