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Home Air Purifier
home air purifier

Austin Air Purifiers
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AirFree Air Purifier
Air Free air purifier

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Second Wind

10,000 sq.ft. 115v-277v
Air Purifiers
home air purifier
ionic breeze air purifier
Second Wind Model 2018
Home Air Purifier
1500-2500 sq. ft 115v
Ionic Air Purifier
oreck air purifier
ionic air purifier
Airfree P2000

550 sq.ft.
Hepa Air Purifier oreck air purifier
uv air purifier
Austin Healthmate Jr.

700sq. ft.
UV Air Purifier oreck air purifier
uv air purifier
AllerAir 4000 Exec UV Air Purifier

1200sq. ft.
Hepa Air Purifier
uv air purifier
NeoAir Enviro Care

450sq. ft.
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home air purifierHome Air Purifier
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hepa air purifierHepa Air Purifier
room air purifierRoom Air Purifier

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Recently you installed a "Second Wind Air Purifier," in our home. It has made a remarkable difference in the quality of the air and has cut order, such as pets and cigarette smoke... More Ionic Air Purifier Testimonials

Our new Second Wind air purifier system has eliminated the "Dental Office Smell" associated with dental practices... More UV Air Purifier Testimonials

About 4 years ago I built a new wooden frame house. About 3 months after moving in, I noticed mold & mildew growing around the window frames in the bathrooms. I installed your Second Wind 2000 Model and haven't had problems since... Air Purifier Review

We would like to let you know how pleased we are with the Second Wind Air Purifier we had installed a few months ago. Immediately after installation we noticed a big difference with regards to cigarette smoke, dust, and pollen in the air. The air was noticeably cleaner... Testmonials- Electronic air cleaners and ionic air purifier

I just had to write you to tell you I received on of your purifiers and it WORKS WONDERS! I've had Bronchial asthma all of my life. I'll be 44 this year. My lungs have always been week but, but now they are strong because of you. Thank you! Home air purifier - Compare air purifiers

My 6 year old daughter has numerous allergies - dust, pollen, fungus, smoke, cats, dogs, to name a few. Along with her allergies she also has asthma. Since we put the unit in her room her dependence on her puffers has decreased dramatically. Now only uses her medicine periodically when she has been sick. I just want to say thank for changing her life! Full Testimonials

ozone air purifier
Pet Owners

mold allergy and spores Of the many animal allergies, dog and cat allergies are the most prevalent. It is not the cat or dog hair itself that causes the allergy, but the old skin cells (dander) that are constantly being shed. Allergic individuals may produce allergy antibodies when exposed to a protein found in cat hair roots and cats' salivary glands. The allergy antibodies cause mast cells to release histamine, exploding "allergy bombs" in the body.

A major problem for those genetically predisposed to allergies occurs when cat dander or dog dander becomes airborne. Inhaling animal dander may cause allergic reactions, including sneezing, watery and itching eyes, hives, coughing and constricting of bronchial tubes, making breathing difficult. mold allergy and spores

You may react with pet allergy symptoms to one cat and not another. Long-haired cats and dogs do not necessarily produce more animal dander than short-haired pets. Individual pets produce individual amounts of animal dander.

The Second Wind Wholue House UV air purifier effectively removes most of the airborne allergy triggers such as animal dander, pollen, dust mites and molds. By removing these allergens and contaminants, it will help you and your family to relieve your allergy symptoms. The Ultraviolet Germicidal UVC light is used to help kill airborne bacteria, mold and viruses that enter the unit by destroying the DNA of micro-organisms.

austin air healthmate austin air healthmate Austin Pet Machine™ (More Info)

Designed Specifically for Pet Owners
Austin Air has assembled a filter to trap the allergens caused by pets. The Pet Machine™ uses HEPA technology to trap airborne dust and dander. While the Special carbon blend will help reduce many pet odors that linger in the air.



Ultra-Pure 3800 Pet Air Purifier - High powered dual-performance system NEW!!  Pet-Pro 3800 Air Purifier  NEW!!
5-stage protection designed specifically for pet owners!

air cleanerAdvanced 5-stage filtration system filters and purifiers up to 320 sq. ft.
air cleanerFilters pet odors, animal dander, pollen, smoke, dust and dust mites, bacteria, viruses, germs, chemical odors, mold & more… /font>
air cleaner5-mode automatic timer
air cleanerOptional (on/off) safe, nontoxic activated oxygen/ozone sanitizer actually kills bacteria, mold spores, viruses and other airborne germs.
air cleanerUltra-quiet 3-speed fan.
air cleanerWashable Foam Pre-Filter extends filter life

New AirFree Air Purifier
Airfree P1000 and P2000 Air Sterilizers
are ideal for someone who...
  • Has an area in a home, condo, office or apartment up to 550 sq.ft.
  • Needs to eliminate mold spores, fungi, bacteria and viruses in an office, kitchen, family room, bedroom or basement
  • Wants an air purifier that incinerates all microorganisms which pass through it, in addition to smoke and fungi odors
  • Has allergies or asthma
  • Needs to preserve documents, video tapes, computers, works of art and other valuables that can be affected by mold, fungi, bacteria, and microorganisms.
  • Perfect for someone who wants to eliminate germs in a child care or medical environment.
  • Wants a unit that requires no maintenance - no air purifier filters or replacement parts used
  • Wants a silent air sterilizer
  • Wants a chemical and ozone free air purifier
  • Needs an air sterilizer that is lightweight and easily moved from place to place

NeoAir Enviro Care Air Purifiers
The Neoair Enviro PLUS is the latest addition in the Neoair Family. More powerful than ever this model features a huge 600 sq ft coverage area. With the new SuperHEPA filter this unit is especially recommended to asthma sufferers and to people that are extra sensitive to dusts and pollens. The SuperHEPA incorporates twice as much filter media making it more efficient against the finest particles and allergens.

UV is known to destroy many virus types, mold, and bacteria. If you suffer from asthma or allergies you should consider Technology germicidal air Purifiers / Air Sterilizers / Air Cleaners methods. If you have a newer home you need Technology HVAC UV air. New homes are built air tight. Technology Original Blue HVAC UV-C, our top unit which also has the option of our EXCLUSIVE photo catalytic Photocatalytic Technology, air Purifiers / Air Sterilizers / Air Cleaners produce UVGI - ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. The powerful ultraviolet air Purifiers / Air Sterilizers / Air Cleaners by Technology help indoor air quality. Clean air and reduce indoor air pollution. Enough UV for 10,000 square feet.

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