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Second Wind

10,000 sq.ft. 115v-277v
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Second Wind Model 2018
Home Air Purifier
1500-2500 sq. ft 115v
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Airfree P2000

550 sq.ft.
Hepa Air Purifier

Austin Healthmate Jr.

700sq. ft.
UV Air Purifier

AllerAir 4000 Exec UV Air Purifier

1200sq. ft.
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NeoAir Enviro Care

450sq. ft.
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Product Spotlight

HEPA Air Purifiers

High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filters have been around for quit some time.  In the 1950s the US Atomic Energy Commission needed something to remove small particulates that are radioactive. Since then HEPA air purifiers have been using this technology to clean the indoors in cleanrooms to beauty parlors. HEPA products are also one of the many techniques and products used by Allergy and Asthma doctors to help alleviate the symptoms of those conditions. First we will discuss what HEPA really is.

Image a filter that only allows very tiny particles to pass though. If we placed a single sheet of this HEPA paper in front of a fan constrained as it would be in air purifiers, very little air would be able to pass because of the small size of the holes. In addition, air purifiers made like this would need to have the filter changed often because the holes would plug rapidly. Now if we double the size of the sheet we would get twice the airflow and filter life. You can not keep growing the sheet larger because it would be impractical. Instead let us try folding the paper back and forth so that we can present a very large surface area to the airflow and thus the HEPA made this way would be efficient. This is how real-world HEPA filters are made in real HEPA systems. Some have as much as 40 square feet of the filer material folded into the HEPA section. As a side note the material from which HEPA is constructed is either fiber or paper-like on one hand or a polymer on the other.

HEPA material does not look like a screen or a colander. Instead it looks like a very thin bail of fibers.  Thus the air has to find a route though this maze of fibers.  There are three ways the HEPA filter stops particulates.  First and the easiest to understand is that a particle runs into a fiber and sticks.  In the second mechanism for capturing a particle the particle gets within one diameter of a fiber of the HEPA filter and while it tries to "skid by" the fiber it is gets stuck on the fiber.  The third method is the method which smaller than rated particles may be captured.  As a very small, about 0.1 micron, particle moves in the gas flow it dithers about due to collisions with molecules (Brownian motion)  and again happen to slide close to a fiber and get caught.

Therefore, HEPA air purifiers stop mold spores as well as many bacteria and viruses and of course larger items such as dust. Most air purifiers claim to be 99.97% efficient at removing particles 0.3 microns from the air that passes though the HEPA filter.  The operative phrase is "pass through"!  If the airflow does not have an opportunity to pass through the HEPA filter it will not be cleaned.  Therefore the claim of 99.97% of all .3 and larger particles being removed is not accurate in poorly designed HEPA air purifiers where some of the airflow may pass around the HEPA filter and return to the room not cleaned.

As good as that sounds pure HEPA air purifiers do not remove odors, chemicals or gasses. Since these are molecular level substances the 0.3 micron holes are large compared to the gas molecules. Therefore typical HEPA air purifiers have some level of activated carbon based material to absorb odors and chemicals. The activated carbon that is included with all of these units comes in a number of varieties. In any form the carbon absorbs gasses that will not be caught by the HEPA element.  These chemicals are either harmful gasses or those that cause odors.  Combination units such as the Allerair and the Second Wind Model 9000 offer UV light technology to address the odors, chemicals, and gases!

Hepa Air Purifier
austin air purifier austin air purifier Austin Healthmate (More Info)

Best Overall Protection
Designed for people with everyday air quality concerns. The HealthMate™ removes virtually all airborne particles by performing several critical air quality remediation functions. The HealthMate's 4-stage filtration system contains True Medical Grade HEPA and Activated Carbon, eliminating airborne particles, chemicals, odors and gases.


austin air purifier austin air purifier Austin Healthmate Plus(More Info)

Ultimate Protection
For the chemically sensitive who require the most comprehensive air cleaning solution available. The HealthMate+™ combines superior particulate filtration with advanced gas filtering capabilities to remove more household chemicals, gases and odors.


austin air austin air healthmate Austin Hega Allergy Machine™ (More Info)

Allergies and Asthma
Designed specifically for allergy and asthma sufferers, the engineers at Austin Air have created HEGA filtration - High Efficiency Gas Adsorption. The Allergy Machine’s 4-stage adsorption system combines the superior particle filtration of Medical Grade HEPA with the added adsorption capacity of the Activated Military Carbon Cloth.


Many people are wary of buying a HEPA filter for dust control because they have had a bad experience with a store bought air filter. The problem with most store bought filters is that they are simply too small. They have only small amounts of air filtering carbon in them and low CFM (cubic feet per minute) fan speeds. Although some filters might be rated for a room size of 400 sq.ft it doesn't hurt to use a HEPA filter with a larger sq.ft rating. It will filter more dust, and do so more efficiently. If the filter has a larger fan it will naturally "grab" more dust, pollen, and pet dander out of the air than a filter with a much smaller CFM fan.

Austin Air HEPA filtration units are more cost effective than those sold in stores because store bought models require 3 or 4 expensive HEPA filter cartridge changes per year. At $75.00 to $100.00 per replacement filter cartridge the initial saving of the store bought model can be lost within the first year of use. After a years time it is evident that a true hospital grade Austin Air HEPA filter actually costs less thank the cheaper, less effective, store bought models. Most store bought HEPA filters have fans with a much lower CFM (cubic feet per minute). That means they just can't filter the air as well as a larger filter like the Austin Air that moves more air through them.

Store bought air filters have only a fraction of the filtering carbon medium than ourAustin Air HEPA filters . Typical store bought filters have a fraction of a pound of activated charcoal while Austin's have either 6.5 lb.. or 15 lb.. of activated carbon in them. The Austin Air's main HEPA filter cartridge is warranted for 5 years. It also contains an additional Pre Filter which collects 90% of the dust saving the true HEPA for the more serious work.

For removing larger particles of dust and dander a Austin Air HEPA
filter is much more effective than an ionizer. Austin Air HEPA filters collect the dust and dander rather than just pushing around the room as an ionizer does so that it does not become airborne again.

Austin Air makes some of the finest HEPA filtration units on the market today.

Austin Air True HEPA filtration units effectively filter dust and pet dander out of the air. They do much better job than those sold in department, or home improvement stores because of their higher air exchange ratio. Austin Air HEPA Filters contain the highest amount of activated carbon in them out of all other brands. In comparason many store bought HEPA filters have only 1/50 the amount of activated carbon in them.

Austin Air True HEPA filters are cheaper to operate than most other HEPA filters because of it's 5 year warranty on the main HEPA filter cartridge. All Austin Air air filters feature double filtration power for full air quality protection. The HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arresting) filter was developed by the U.S. government to protect scientists from radioactive airborne particles.

The HEPA air filter removes 99.97% of harmful particles, including dust, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander and other troublesome allergens. The use of an Austin Air HEPA filtration unit in combination with an ozone generator provides the highest possible level of air cleaning possible. Austin Air HEPA's will clean the air in a target area such as a bedroom or family room where air quality may require special attention. Using HEPA filtration they remove 99.97% of all particulates 0.3 microns and large VOC carbon filters remove harmful V.O.C.'s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are gases that come from house-hold chemicals and synthetic materials. The powerful variable speed fans are quiet and energy efficient. Austin Air HEPA filters run virtually maintenance free for years. Gases and odors are eliminated by a combination of activated carbon and natural zeolite. This stage of filtration removes some of the most dangerous substances that can be found in the home environment including formaldehyde, and other dangerous volatile chemicals.

AllerAir Air Purifiers: Which air purifiers are right for you?
Available Colors:

Allerair Air Purifiers - Filter Types

Exec - General Purpose Indoor Air Purifiers - Allerair Exec air purifiers employ pounds of Mac-B activated carbon to absorb chemicals, gas and odors. In addition it uses medical grade Allerair HEPA to remove pollen, dust and dust mites. To go to our product specific page please select one of the following models:  4000 Exec, 4000 Exec UV, 4000 Vocarb.

Exec UV - General Purpose plus Anti-Microbial - The Allerair Exec UV air purifiers have all of the features of the Exec plus a 10 watt UV bulb.  This will attack living organisms like bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. To go to our Allerair product specific page please select one of the following models:  5000 Exec, 5000 Exec UV, 5000 Vocarb.

Vocarb - Volatile Organic Compounds Reduction - Allerair Vocarb air purifiers offer an upgrade in the activated carbon mix that is designed to absorb volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) such as formaldehyde and ammonia.  To go to our Allerair product specific page please select one of the following models: 6000 Exec, 6000 Exec UV, 6000 Vocarb.

D/S - Exteme Smoke Removal - Allerair "Double Smoke" air purifiers offer the specific protection against cigarette and cigar smoke for those with smokers in the house! Allerair product specific page please select one of the following models: 5000 D/S

Sentienel - Extreme Chemical Removal - Allerair Sentienel air purifiers offer the most extreme protection against multiple chemical senesitivty. Allerair product specific page please select one of the following models: 5000 Sentenitel

allerair air purifierAllerAir Air Tube More Info...

With a total weight of only 14 lbs., the AirTube offers significant power and filtration in a fully portable format. It features 7 lbs. of double impregnated activated MAC-B™ carbon to adsorb the widest range of airborne chemicals, gasses, odors and VOC’s, while the separate medical grade HEPA filter traps up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. The variable speed motor offers a whisper quiet option which makes it ideal for bedroom use or in spaces of up to 400 sq. feet.

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Does it seem like your asthma or allergies, or a family members asthma or allergies are worsening?If so, it may not be your imagination. New research proves that ultraviolet home air purifiers can provide relief! room air purifier
Did you know that the air inside your home may be 10 times more polluted...air purifier filter

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